Andante Next Generation Reactor 7″ Snare Drums


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Andante Next Generation Reactor 7” Marching Snare Drums

Andante Next Generation Reactor 7” Snare Drums are the product of several years of extensive research and development, finally unveiled in 2012. Based around a fully free-floating drum shell, Next Generation Reactor 7” Snare Drums have a cleverly designed bottom assembly delivering exceptional shell-to-head contact to intensify the drum’s projection and dynamic range.

With its clever, lightweight portability, the Andante Next Generation Reactor 7" is a modern and innovative drum product fusing strength and reliability with brightness and clarity. With their rigorous quality control checks at each stage of production, Andante ensure every drum from their production continues to carry the excellence and reliability Andante are famous for.

Andante Next Generation Reactor 7” Snare Drum Specifications

  • Strong, lightweight special alloys reducing weight for players
  • Constructed from 2 x 3ply layers of Birch
  • Shell strengthened with 3ply Birch reinforcement ring
  • Easy to tune top head assembly
  • New top tension ring profile with 20 screw Helicoil tension system
  • Box top Snare self-levelling mechanism w/self-aligning tension & self-equalising height
  • Two-point height & tension adjustments
  • Re-designed bottom head assembly w/12 screw bottom tension ring
  • New suspension ring profile, revised Snare Guards, re-designed bottom Snare Strainers
  • Easy tuning bottom Snare w/multiple swivel points
  • 2-point linear bottom Snare adjustment, 4 point levelling to head, 1 point tension adjustment
  • In-line top Snare for highly responsive, easy playing surface
  • Carrying handle & adjustable leg-rest
  • Tough, durable oven baked powder-coated finish on metalwork
  • Dimensions: 14” x 7” (D)
  • Weight: 13.1lb/5.64kg
  • 3 year warranty

Andante are a company who design their Marching Drums to be as light as possible whilst retaining maximum strength and durability. Their Snare Drums give a solid, sharp crack with easy-fit Snare Wires top & bottom to give a highly responsive Snare action. By refining their designs over the years, Andante now offer their drums with the lowest maintenance requirements possible and with external fittings designed not to damage uniforms. With so much thought and experience put into their products, you can be sure when buying Andante you are buying the best.