Andante 707 T-Key Drum Key


The ultimate essential tool for assembling, adjusting, tuning & maintaining your Andante drum

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Andante 707 T-Key Drum Key

The Andante 707 T-Key drum key is made for tuning and stripping down Andante Marching Drums and is an essential piece of kit for applying the tension to the flush fitting screws around the top and bottom rims of Andante Drums. It also used for all the adjustments to both the top and bottom Snare assemblies.


  • Fits 5mm Allen headed bolts
  • Made out of tough steel
  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Robust tool

We know how tough you Marching band boyos are, so we stock this Andante Drum key so you can extract maximum torque out of your innocent Marching Drums! Take no prisoners; for maximum strength tuning Marching Drums, you need this Andante drum key!