Ahead Vintage Boom Bass Drum Beater


High density, hard felt, white fleece, aluminium shaft…and it goes…BOOM!


Ahead Vintage Boom Bass Drum Beater

For those looking for the vintage¬†‘boom’ sound from the 1930s and 1940s drummers, the Ahead Vintage Boom Bass Drum beater is one of the key components needed to achieve that sound. Very like the Vater Vintage Bomber beater, the Ahead Vintage Boom features a white fleece over hard, felt Bass Drum beater head that helps give you a more vintage, boomy Bass Drum sound.

The Ahead Vintage Boom beater is beautifully made and features the following design features:

  • High density, hard felt (not cork!) beater head with a white fleece jacket
  • CnC aircraft grade aluminium balancing insert
  • CnC stainless steel shaft
  • Laser engraved AHEAD logo

Here’s how the Ahead Vintage Boom beater sounds…

YouTube video

If you’re looking for a different beater sound then swapping out the standard beater which came with your Bass Drum pedal is a great place to start, before changing the tuning or heads on your Bass Drum. We used to sell lots of the Vater Vintage Bomber beaters, but supplies were always hit and miss. Now you can get the same sound from our friends in the North who bring in all the lovely Ahead goodies on a regular basis!

We love the Ahead products  from the good old US of A and the Pro Kick beaters set the benchmark for craftsmanship, durability and quality of sound. You simply cannot go wrong with an Ahead beater!