Ahead Speed Torque Ratchet Drum Key (Great Gift Idea)


A ratchet drum key with all torque but no porque!

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Ahead Speed Torque Ratchet Drum Key

There are plenty of tools for drum tuning on the market today, but the Ahead Speed Torque Ratchet drum key is one of those rare, manual torque options made for fast tightening/loosening of tuning bolts.

Not only is this great for normal drum set tuning, but the Ahead Speed Torque is also capable of reaching the high-tension needs of Marching Band drummers.

Whilst it doesn’t have any *torque settings of an Evans drum key, unlike the Evans, it will remove tension bolts and tighten them up a lot quicker! What’s more, it also comes with a Phillips screwdriver head which you may not want to shout about when that inevitable rehearsal room/gig call-out is heard:

“Has anyone got a screwdriver?”

As usual, Ahead come up with yet another fine tool for the drummer and one which would also be a thoughtful gift idea for the drummer in your life.


*Torque, also called moment of a force, in physics, the tendency of a force to rotate the body to which it is applied.
Encyclopedia Britannica

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