Ahead GripKey Drum Key (Great Gift Idea)


Chrome drum key with a silicone grip of doom…

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Ahead GripKey Red Silicon Drum Key

If slippy drum keys are a regular pain in posterior, jumping out of your hand when you’re fine-tuning that 10-lug Snare, the Ahead GripKey will give you the sticky fingers you seek! This simple chrome drum key is coated with a vibrant red silicone on its handle area, making it instantly skin-friendly and less likely to end up on the floor under your Bass Drum (yes we’ve been there!)


  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Red silicone makes it easier to find
  • Key ring compatible
  • Fast to use

The simplest ideas are the best and Ahead just keep on delivering with their simple, but effective ideas. What’s more, this drum key makes for a great gift idea for the drummer in your life.