Ahead Compact Multi-Tool (Great Gift!)


You want Allen-keys….you got ’em…

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Ahead Compact Drum Set Multi-Tool

This is anotherĀ must-have accessory from the stable of Ahead, in the form of their ingenious Ahead Compact ADT multi-tool for drummers – and everyone else in the band for that matter!

This cracking little multi-tool has no less than 13 tool-blades attached to its handle making it one of the most jam-packed pocket-tools we’ve seen so far. What’s more, it makes the most amazingly thoughtful gift for the drummer in your life! With its Allen keys and screwdriver heads, it’s only the drum-key blade which makes the Ahead Compact multi-tool drummer-specific. Let’s face it, anyone in the group plus the sound guys and road-crew could use one of these so if you’re clever enough to buy one, keep it close to your person, on and off stage!

So let’s take a look at what’s on the blades…

  • A square-head drum-key (obviously!)
  • 2mm Allen-key
  • 2.5mm Allen-key
  • 3mm Allen-key
  • 4mm Allen-key
  • 5mm Allen-key
  • 3/32 Allen-key
  • 1/8 Allen-key
  • 5/32 Allen-key
  • 3/18 Allen-key
  • No.1 Phillips screw-head
  • No.2 Phillips screw-head
  • No.5 flat screw-head

These fold-out tools will get you out of some of the most cost common mishaps at gigs or rehearsals and as usual, it’ll be you – the drummer – who has the tool that everyone else in the band wants to borrow! Well make sure that pesky keyboard player gives it back to you immediately after dismantling the gear which should have been checked over before leaving the house! We know what happens, we’ve been there, so just make sure you tell them – no, order them – to buy their own Ahead Compact multi-tool!

We just love those Ahead guys with products which dare to be different!