Ahead Handmade Leather Tan Stick Bag


Better than a Birkenhead briefcase.


Ahead Handmade Leather Tan Drum Stick Case

So pretty, so well-made. Brand new! Direct from the States. Ahead are known for quality but we didn’t expect this! Reminiscent of those sexy ‘Tackle’ stick bags but without the crazy price tag, these are all leather, handmade and tick all the boxes.

A detachable shoulder strap, cord attachment for easy attachment to your floor tom and plenty of pockets for various sticks, accessories and all kinds of drum gubbins. They have even included a detachable drum key!


  • Made from tanned leather – heavy duty
  • Brass press studs
  • Solid stitching
  • Floor tom mounting loops
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Detachable drum key
  • Available in black, brown and tan
  • Proper handmade clobber!

Ahead Armor are known for their quality but these are another level – they’re old school and they’re classy.