Ahead Accessory Tray


A place for your laptop, mixer, tablet, module or anything else you need by your side.


Ahead Accessory Tray

The Ahead accessory tray is the perfect accessory tray for the drummer who has expanded their gear into the world of electronics. If you use a mixer, module, laptop, tablet or any other external device which is not part of the ‘traditional’ drum-set, then this accessory tray will sort out any mounting dilemmas.

In these modern times, the role of the drummer more than ever relies on the use of electronics, whether that’s combining electronic and acoustic sounds or even just providing your own personal in-ears monitor-mix. Anyone following the amazing Ash Soan on Instagram will see his MacBook permanently fixed to his left as an essential part of his toolkit. As our needs expand, our set-ups evolve and this Ahead accessory tray will help you meet the demands of mounting and positioning your outboard gear.

Measuring 16” x 10 x 0.5”, the Ahead accessory tray is a slim, black powder-coated accessory table with a clamp suitable for mounting it onto most popular drum hardware/stands. Designed to support electronics or any essential accessories a drummer may have, its soft, padded foam tabletop will protect your gear from scratches whilst preventing slippage.

Enter The Jago!

Now….as it ‘appens, one of our old friends deported to the good old US of A, made good on his move and is now selling these Ahead accessory trays by the bucket-load! What? You don’t believe us? Well take a look at Chris…

Despite ending up playing drums for Neil Diamond whilst subbing for Ron Tutt (that’s Elvis’ drummer to the rest of us), Chris says he’d give up everything just to play another graveyard shift at the First National with the Funky Monks!

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