Zildjian Z Custom Ride Cymbals


Don’t you, forget about Mel!

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Zildjian Z Custom Ride Cymbals

Introducing the Zildjian Z Custom Ride cymbals, a triumphant return of an iconic series renowned for its unparalleled power and versatility. Designed for hard-hitting metal and hard rock drummers, these rides deliver a bold, commanding sound that easily projects over loud on-stage mixes with clarity and authority.

Thirty years after their launch, the Z Custom series makes a triumphant return to the portfolio. The reimagined Z Custom rides offer powerfully explosive, bright, and cutting sounds, allowing drummers to unleash their sound across metal, punk, hard rock, and more. A revised design enhances the musicality, feel, and durability of these legendary cymbals, ensuring they withstand the demands of the most intense performances.

Ride on These!

22in Z Custom

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20in Z Custom

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The Ghost of Mel Returns!

Originally introduced in 1989 within the Z3 series, the Z Custom Ride series reintroduces the iconic ‘Mega Bell’ ride, featuring the largest ride cymbal bell in the Zildjian catalogue. This feature is highly sought after by drummers for its ability to cut through the loudest on-stage mixes with unparalleled clarity and projection. The ‘Mega Bell’ is loud, expressive, and heavy-weight, making it the ultimate choice for drummers seeking uncompromising power and presence in their performances.

21in Z Custom ‘Mega Bell’ Ride

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One hell of a bell…

The ‘Mega Bell’ ride was once affectionately nicknamed, the ‘Mega Mel Ride’ after Simple Minds drummer, Mel Gaynor, who famously used it when he endorsed Tama and Zildjian. Gaynor’s use of the ‘Mega Bell Ride’ contributed to its legendary status and solidified its place as a staple in the setup of at least one drummer at Liverpool’s Crash Studios!

Featuring a brilliant finish and the classic star pattern of the original Z Custom, these rides look as good as they sound. The signature Z Custom sound cuts through any mix, delivering bold tones for limitless musical expression in louder musical genres. Discover the power and precision of Zildjian Z Custom Ride cymbals – the ultimate choice for drummers seeking a loud, full-bodied sound and exceptional performance.