Yamaha HW3 CrossTown Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack


You can’t go wrong with Yamaha.


Yamaha HW3 CrossTown Ultra Lightweight Hardware Pack

‘You can’t go wrong with Yamaha hardware,’ has been a common adage for a while now but this is rarely a low cost endeavour! However, this Cross Town hardware pack is brilliant value for money! Ultra lightweight hardware, with individual protective sleeves AND a hardware bag! Yamaha build quality alone would make this set an attractive proposition but the fact they they have nailed the brief, creating what they set out to, ticking every box of this class of hardware in the process – this is a ‘no-brainer’ for anyone after a set of lightweight hardware.

What they say:

Advanced Lightweight Hardware set is the result of R&D with artists and designers examining the absolute lightest a hardware stand can be while maintaining the durability and strength drummers have come to expect from Yamaha Hardware. Listening closely to professional and users, Yamaha has made the ultimate contribution in the category of lightweight hardware for the gigging drummer that has to move their gear every day.”


  • Durable, light and stable
  • Channel-track aluminium bracing
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • New micro wing nut design
  • Increased natural and open sound from cymbals and snare drums

Pack Components

  • 2x CS3 Straight Cymbal Stand
  • 1x HHS3 Hi-hat Stand
  • 1x SS3 Snare Stand
  • 1x Carry Case
  • 4x Protective Hardware Sleeves

You can’t go wrong with a bit of Yamaha specially when they get it this right?