WorldMax Black Brass Snare Drums


Quite the little beauties, dontcha know…

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WorldMax Black Brass Snare Drums

WorldMax Black Brass Snare drums are very similar to Brass shelled Snare drums that were manufactured by a certain Ludwig family. With its thin shell, this Brass beauty gives superior response and cut with that perfect musical tone that is synonymous with Brass shelled Snare drums.


  • Stylish chrome hardware
  • 2.3mm Hoops
  • Central bead tube lugs
  • Traditional S-9 strainer
  • High quality Snare wires
  • Available in different size options

Once again, WorldMax bring you a top quality Snare drum at a fraction of the price of other manufacturer’s models. Make no mistake; it’s no coincidence or industry rumour that WorldMax supply their shells to other drum companies to badge up as ‘their own’ drums! We have tuned WorldMax Snare drums in-house and compared them to other world leading brands, often concluding that there really isn’t much, if any difference in sound between name badges.