Gretsch Full Range Walnut Snare Drum


Gretsch Walnut Snare drums with a boutique vibe…


Gretsch Full Range Walnut Snare Drum w/Maple Inlay

The Gretsch Full Range Walnut Snare drum adds another sound and look to the Full Range Snare drum line. If you choose to buy into the Gretsch Walnut shell, expect a snappy attack with a punchy low endsatisfying….yessir!

With its 8 plies of deep chocolate coloured Walnut shell, Gretsch have offset the rich natural visual properties by carefully adding dual natural Maple inlays at the centre of the drum. These inlays are created using a precision cutting and lamination process to form a seamless bond, providing a truly customised appearance. In fact, due to the construction process and the organic aesthetics of Walnut, no two Full Range Walnut Snare drums will look identical, creating an almost boutique quality to each drum.


  • Full Range Bolt-on round badge
  • 8-ply Walnut shell with dual Maple inlays
  • Natural interior
  • 30-Degree bearing edge
  • Natural Gloss finish
  • Fully adjustable side-pull Throw-Off with fixed butt plate
  • 10 lugs
  • Chrome hardware
  • 2.3mm Triple-Flanged hoops
  • 20 Strand Snare wire

Built to the demanding standards of all products bearing the Gretsch name, Gretsch Full Range Snare Drums are a great way to experience that great Gretsch sound on a smaller budget.