Vic Firth 5A Wood Tip Drum Sticks


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Vic Firth 5A Wood Tip American Classic Drumsticks

Vic Firth 5A drumsticks are amongst the most popular model and brand we sell! The number one selling drumstick company has such high standards that unless they look perfect they can’t be American Classics! Turned from select hickory, a dense wood with little flex for a more pronounced sound. Hickory is also capable of withstanding a great deal of shock, making it highly durable.

The American Classic line combines decades of Vic Firth manufacturing traditions to deliver that unique Vic Firth styling and fuller drum set sound. With a deeply back-cut wood tip, Vic Firth sticks really bring life to your cymbal sounds by intensifying the aural response.

Whether you play rock, jazz, country, pop, or other musical styles, Vic Firth make a stick to suit every genre making them the preferred choice of top players and working pro drummers. Thanks to their precision manufacturing and weight/density matching methods, you can always choose a stick with the quality you can depend on, no matter what you play. With a multitude of weights, styles, tips shapes and lengths, you can be sure to find a pair of Vic Firth drumsticks made to fit your personal taste!

Vic Firth 5A Dimensions

  • Diameter: .565″
  • Length: 16″

If you want a Vic Firth stick at a lower price point, then you may be interested in their Nova range of seconds. These are so good, we can’t normally tell why they didn’t make the grade A bucket!