TnR TrueVibe Snare Stand Iso-Mounts


Once known as ‘Little Booty Shakers’, these have been renamed so as not to offend buttocks of a more diminutive persuasion…

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TnR TrueVibe Snare Stand Iso-Mounts

Enhance Your Drum’s Voice with TnR TrueVibe Snare Stand Iso-Mounts

Unlock the true potential of your Snare Drum or Rack Tom with the innovative TnR TrueVibe Snare Stand Iso-Mounts. Designed to float and decouple your drum from the stand, this revolutionary accessory unleashes the rich, natural voice of your drum like never before.

Experience Improved Projection and Expanded Tuning Range

By isolating your Snare Drum or Rack Tom, the TrueVibe Iso-Mounts improve the volume and projection of your drum, allowing it to reach new heights. Say goodbye to premature sound decay caused by your drum’s contact with the stand and welcome a wider tuning range that empowers you to find your desired sound effortlessly.

Eliminate Choke and Enhance Harmonics

With TrueVibe Iso-Mounts, there’s no need to worry about ugly mid-range build-up. These innovative foam mounts eliminate unwanted choke and promote even-order harmonics, resulting in a cleaner, more balanced sound. Let your drum breathe freely and reveal its true tonal character.

Superior Stick Rebound and Feel

Achieve exceptional stick rebound and an unmatched playing experience with the TrueVibe Iso-Mounts. By absorbing the shock between your drum and its stand, these mountsĀ  and enhance the overall feel of your Snare Drum or Rack Tom. You’ll notice a remarkable improvement in responsiveness and control, allowing you to play with confidence and precision.

Boost Low-End Response and Resonance

If you’re looking to add depth and power to your sound, the TrueVibe Iso-Mounts are the perfect solution. Experience increased low-end response and enhanced resonance from your Rack Tom or Snare Drum, giving your music a solid foundation and a fuller, more dynamic presence.

Sold in a pack of 3, these mounts attach easily onto the arms of the cradle arms of a Snare Drum stand via secure Velcro straps. Unleash the true potential of your Snare Drum or Rack Tom and take your sound to new heights with TrueVibe Snare Stand Iso-Mounts!