Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash 14in x 6.5in Snare Drum


It’ll stave your ‘ead in lad…

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Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash 14″ x 6.5″ Snare Drum

The Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash Snare Drum is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, featuring a 10mm, 20-piece Stave Ash shell, Tama Sound Arc hoops, and a Super-Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snare Wire. It is a true testament to Tama’s commitment to excellence in design and performance. Check out the following video and hear why the Star Reserve Stave Ash snare drum is a potential must-have for discerning drummers…

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That’s probably all you need to know, but for those Tama nerds who want a refresh, read on…

Unveiling the Star Reserve Stave Ash Shell

At the heart of the Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash Snare Drum lies its exceptional 10mm, 20pcs Stave Ash shell. Crafted with precision and care, this shell is a work of art in itself. The use of Stave Ash not only adds to the drum’s stunning aesthetics but also contributes significantly to its outstanding sound quality. Ash is known for its bright and punchy character, making it a perfect choice for drummers who crave that classic, cutting snare drum sound.

The stave construction method involves carefully joining individual pieces of Ash wood to create a seamless shell. This process enhances the drum’s structural integrity and allows for optimal resonance and projection. The result is a snare drum that delivers a crisp and articulate sound with incredible depth and clarity, making it suitable for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.

Experience the Tama Sound Arc Hoops

One of the stand-out features of the Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash Snare Drum is its innovative Tama Sound Arc hoops. These hoops are designed to enhance both the drum’s sound and playability, setting it apart from conventional snare drums.

The Tama Sound Arc hoops are engineered with a slight curve on the outer edge, which allows for greater head-to-hoop contact. This design promotes more consistent head tensioning and contact, resulting in improved tuning stability and a wider range of tonal possibilities. Whether you prefer a tight, focused crack or a deep, resonant tone, the Tama Sound Arc hoops empower you to dial in your desired sound effortlessly.

Precision and Sensitivity with Super-Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snare Wire

The Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash Snare Drum is equipped with Super-Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snare Wire, which plays a crucial role in defining its unique sound and sensitivity. This snare wire is engineered to provide the utmost precision and response, allowing you to express your playing dynamics with incredible finesse.

The Hi-Carbon steel used in the snare wire ensures maximum sensitivity and articulation. It responds effortlessly to the subtlest nuances in your playing, making ghost notes and intricate snare patterns a breeze to execute. Whether you’re playing soft jazz grooves or unleashing thunderous rock beats, this snare wire ensures that every note is heard with clarity and precision.

Additionally, the Super-Sensitive design offers enhanced snare tension control. You can easily adjust the wire’s tension to fine-tune your snare drum’s response, tailoring it to your specific preferences and musical requirements. This level of customisation allows you to explore a wide spectrum of snare sounds, making the Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash Snare Drum an incredibly versatile instrument.

Aesthetic Elegance and Craftsmanship

Beyond its exceptional sound and performance, the Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash Snare Drum boasts a stunning visual appeal. The natural beauty of the Stave Ash shell is accentuated by a meticulous natural wood finish that highlights the wood’s grain patterns. This exquisite craftsmanship not only adds to the drum’s aesthetic charm but also reflects the precision and care invested in its construction.

Measuring at 14″ x 6.5″, the Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash Snare Drum strikes a perfect balance between depth and diameter. This versatile size ensures that you can achieve a wide range of tones, from crisp and tight to warm and full-bodied, making it suitable for various musical genres and performance settings.

Whether you’re a professional drummer looking for a top-tier instrument or a dedicated hobbyist seeking a snare drum that delivers unparalleled sound quality, the Tama Star Reserve Stave Ash Snare Drum has to be in your list of considerations. Its versatility, precision, and aesthetic elegance make it a valuable addition to any drummer’s arsenal. There’s a unique magic in Tama’s Star Reserve Stave Ash shell hiding a world of sonic possibilities. Choose this snare drum and you won’t be disappointed with making this level of investment in your sound.