Tama Star Reserve Copper Snare Drum – 14in x 6.5in


Invest in the Tama Star Reserve Copper Snare Drum and experience the harmonious blend of copper warmth and brass brilliance…

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Tama Star Reserve Copper Snare Drum – 14″ x 6.5″ Volume 4

The Tama Star Reserve Copper Snare Drum is a remarkable percussion instrument and in our opinion, a stunning snare drum. Crafted with precision and featuring Tama’s innovatively designed components, this snare drum is a standout choice for drummers seeking the exceptional sound and performance.

So what makes this drum so special? Well let’s start with this:

YouTube video

Cute bunny huh?

The Star Reserve Copper Snare Drum is a classic 14″ x 6.5″ shell, making it a versatile choice suitable for a wide range of musical styles and applications. This particular size strikes a harmonious balance between depth and diameter, offering a full-bodied sound with excellent sensitivity.

One of the standout features of this snare drum is its hand-hammered 1.5 mm copper shell. Copper is renowned in the drumming world for its warm and rich tonal qualities and the meticulous hand-hammering process (as seen in the above video) ensures that this drum produces a distinct and characterful sound. Copper shells are prized for their ability to deliver a wide dynamic range, making the Star Reserve Copper Snare suitable for genres ranging from jazz to rock.

The 8-hole brass Mighty Hoop is a testament to Tama’s commitment to craftsmanship and absolute attention to detail. This specialised hoop not only adds to the drum’s aesthetic appeal, but also enhances its durability and tuning stability. The brass construction imparts a unique brightness to the drum’s overall tone, creating a tonal union with the copper shell’s warmth.

Tama understands the importance of precise snare tension control, and the Star Reserve Copper Snare Drum doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with a linear-drive throw-off and butt system, drummers can easily fine-tune the tension of their snare wires to achieve the desired response. Whether you prefer a tight and crisp snare sound or a loose and resonant one, this drum gives you the control you need.

A great drum deserves great drumheads and the Star Reserve Copper Snare Drum features Remo Ambassador heads. Remo are the first name in the world of drum heads, known for producing high-quality heads that offer excellent tone and durability. With these heads, you can expect to extract the purest sound from the drum’s shell.

The snare wire is a critical component of any snare drum, and Tama chose to fit a 20-strand super-sensitive hi-carbon snare wire for the Star Reserve Copper Snare. This wire configuration ensures maximum snare response, allowing for crisp and articulate notes. Whether you’re executing intricate ghost notes or delivering powerful backbeats, this snare wire delivers exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness. If you don’t believe all our lyrical guff, then simply listen to this!

YouTube video

Thanks to the Memphis Drum Shop’s YouTube channel for providing the world with this nice demo.

In summary, the Tama Star Reserve Copper Snare Drum is a masterfully crafted instrument that combines premium materials, precision engineering, and the utmost attention to detail. With its hand-hammered copper shell, brass Mighty Hoop hoops, linear-drive throw-off and butt, Remo Ambassador heads, and 20-strand super-sensitive hi-carbon snare wire, this snare drum offers drummers a versatile and dynamic tool for their musical expression.

The 14″ x 6.5″ shell dimensions provide a balanced sonic canvas, making it suitable for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring drummer (with dough in ya pockets!), the Star Reserve Copper Snare Drum is another level upwards in your drumming journey with its exceptional sound and performance.