RTOM Black Hole Kick Conversion Pack (for 16in Drums)


Simple is often the best solution.

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RTOM Black Hole 16″ Kick Conversion Pack

RTOM Black Holes ‘snap-on’ to triple-flanged and Die-Cast hoops nice and easy, which makes them perfect for you ‘Jungle kit’ dudes who have discovered the certainly unique gratification from converting a 16″ Floor Tom to a Bass Drum! If you are indeed one of those ‘jungle drumming’ aficionados, then you will need this conversion pack to use with your ‘Jungle’ Floor Tom/Bass Drum.

This conversion pack works with a standard 16″ Black Hole pad (not included). Simply offer up the Black Hole pad to the batter-side of your 16″ drum and secure it using the three bungee cables to the front and back hoops. Then attach your pedal to the bass-extender plate and slide into place – that’s it, your ready to play!

The Black Hole Practice System was designed to resolve the long-time struggle that drummers have faced with practising acoustic drums and annoying their household and their neighbours. RTOM set out to make the process a lot more house-friendly. What RTOM have achieved, is to create their own unique practice pad system which sounds exactly like your drum set, but quieter, whilst making it incredible easy to set up without the removal of your drum heads. Not only that, but you end up with a practice system which offers you the playability of your real kit with a mesh head ‘transplant’ which can be tuned to your personal preference. Ingenious!