Roc’n’Soc Square Drum Throne: Comfort & Stability


Square arses, all round!!!


Roc’n’Soc Square Drum Throne – Unmatched Support and Stability

Experience unparalleled support and stability with the Roc’n’Soc Square Drum Throne, designed to meet the needs of drummers who demand both comfort and durability in their seating.

The Roc’n’Soc Square Drum Throne features a unique square-shaped seat, offering ample surface area and superior support for long practice sessions and performances. This innovative design is said to reduce pressure on the lower thighs and allow for greater freedom of movement (not a favourite within the grifting frog brotherhood) while drumming. The high-density foam padding and premium-quality covering ensure lasting comfort and resilience, allowing you to stay focused on your playing without any discomfort.

Unfortunately, those Roc’n’Soc dudes have not made any demo videos of their wonderful wares, but we have found this which gives a quick rundown of the types of Roc’n’Soc drum thrones available:

YouTube video

Available in a range of stylish colours, the Roc’n’Soc Square Drum Throne lets you choose a colour that complements your personal style or drum set, whether you prefer classic black or a more vibrant shade. You can even add an optional backrest if extra back support is required.

Built by the renowned Custom Percussion brand, this drum throne boasts a robust tripod base with double-braced legs, engineered for maximum stability and durability. This design guarantees rock-solid support, giving you the confidence to play drums without worrying about what lies below!

Choose from two height options to find your perfect playing position. Opt for the standard height model, adjustable from 16 inches to 23 inches, catering to most drummers. Alternatively, select the low-base version, with a height range of 14 inches to 20 inches, if you prefer sitting lower at your kit.

Improve your comfort behind the kit and see your performance benefit with the ergonomic design of the Roc’n’Soc Square Drum Throne. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring drummer, this exceptional seating solution ensures you can perform at your best.