Reworked Sabian XS20 20″ Medium Ride


Re worked from a pretty boring cymbal I’d say!

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Reworked Sabian XS20 20″ Medium Ride

A little bit of history on this cymbal.

This is way cool! Our man Stephen who works at the local workshop is a pretty dab hand ! Coming from an engineering background, he understands a lot about metal work and the like.So I showed him some cymbals that were hanging around and this is the 1st one we have created.

This old Sabian Xs20 started life as a Medium Ride & was quite a heavy cymbal . As you are aware this line is for the intermediate drummer.Not a bad cymbal but limited in range.

Now with Old Stephen’s magic hands,this sounds & looks like a cymbal much more higher up the range.

A lot of work has gone into this with the weight being reduced to just over 2kg. Nice added hammering and this now has a lot more wash.

Unfortunately the previous owner key holed this but its heavy enough around the bell to go on .

This is a total one off but I would love to do more as I think this one has come out very nice .