Remo Silentstroke Mesh Tom Packs


Go quietly please!!!


Remo Silentstroke Mesh Head Tom Packs

Mesh drum heads are all the rage for home-practice and Remo Silentstroke drum heads can reduce the sound of your acoustic drums by 70-80%! If you want to re-head your practice set-up in one go, Remo are offering their Silentstroke mesh heads in the following money-saving tom-pack sets:

  • Rock – 12/13/16
  • Fusion – 10/12/14
  • American Fusion – 10/12/16

So what do they sound like fitted to an acoustic set? Well our old friend Russ Miller has let his hands and feet do the talking…

YouTube video

Meshy Map-ex (that’s how we say it – YOU BETTER BE OKAY WITH IT!!!)

Remo Silentstroke Features

  • 70 Percent quieter than acoustic heads
  • Single-ply mesh material offers an acoustic response feel
  • Low volumes for a perfect external electronic drum trigger application
  • Greatly reduced volume levels are perfect for quiet practice sessions
  • Extremely versatile, can be used as quiet heads or for electronic hybrid kits

One of the key features of Remo Silentstroke drum heads is their specialised construction, which incorporates a single-ply mesh material. This mesh material is specifically engineered to dampen the sound produced by drum strikes while retaining the natural feel and response of a traditional drum head. The result is a quieter drumming experience without sacrificing playability or performance quality.

In addition to their noise-reducing properties, Remo Silentstroke drum heads are also highly durable and long-lasting. The mesh material is designed to withstand the rigours of regular playing, ensuring reliable performance even after extended use. This durability makes Silentstroke heads a cost-effective investment for drummers seeking a reliable solution for low-volume practice situations.

What About Adding Triggers?

Remo actually made the drum heads for (the horrifically expensive) Roland electronic drum sets, so it seemed obvious to produce a drum head under their own brand name which would attenuate the volume of acoustic drums. However, unlike the Roland mesh heads, the Remo Silentstroke are only 1-ply and therefore, not really ideal for acoustic-electronic conversions. They will of course, respond very well to externally mounted triggers, but if you’re thinking about using them with internally mounted triggers, then you really need a 2-ply head, minimum (better to use 3-ply for most accurate triggering).

At The End of The Day…

Like we say, Remo Silentstroke are designed for acoustic drums and when fitted to the batter-sides, they will not only make your drum set house/neighbour-friendly, but they also feel really good to play. If you go the extra mile and fit them top and bottom on your Snare and Toms, you will need neighbours with the hearing of a bat to generate noise complaints!

Add a set of low-volume cymbals and your home practice opportunities will open up tenfold. Overall, Remo Silentstroke drum heads offer a groundbreaking combination of quiet performance, durability, and versatility. As a practice aid, these heads provide drummers with a superior playing experience, allowing them to unleash their creativity without the constant worry of annoying neighbours.