Remo Pinstripe ProPack Sets+ FREE PS3 Ctd


When a coated Ambassador is too soft, harden things up with a PS3…


Remo Pinstripe ProPack Sets + FREE Powerstroke 3 Coated Snare Batter

Bringing you the classic sound of Remo Pinstripe ProPack drum head sets, Remo decided they’d shake it off a bit (not like Taylor Swift though) with a change to the usual flavour…

As normal, this clear Pinstripe ProPack set will come with the usual 3 Tom heads but instead of the vanilla 14″ coated Ambassador snare batter, they’ve swapped this out for a FREE 14″ coated Powerstroke 3 snare batter. (That’s a P3-0114-BP for all you catalogue number nerds.)

Powerstroke 3 –  What’s The Difference?

We know the Remo Coated Ambassador is a versatile and widely used as a snare batter, known for its warm, focused sound and balanced response. In contrast, the Remo Powerstroke 3 coated is specifically designed for snare drums and offers a more focused and controlled sound compared to the Coated Ambassador.

It features a single ply of 10 mil Mylar film with Remo’s infused coating technology, which enhances durability and provides a consistent playing surface. Additionally, the Powerstroke 3 Coated includes a thin 2 mil inlay ring around the edge of the drum head, which helps focus the fundamental pitch and mid to low frequencies while controlling sustain and providing a punchy attack. Perhaps, the perfect pairing with a set of Remo Pinstripes…

Powerstroke 3 on The Kit

So you want to hear a PS3 on a snare drum? No problem – Remo have made a video with Russ Miller playing his kit completely fitted with Powerstroke 3 drum heads. Obviously we’re interested in showing you what the snare drum sounds like, but the whole kit sounds damn fine with them!

YouTube video

Even this Dr Dre-pex kit sounds the business (yes we know we’re vintage American kit snobs!)

Plenty o’ Meat on a Pinstripe

Back to the main course, if you’re looking for that fat, 70s Steve Gadd sound, or a more durable alternative for your tom batter-sides, then Remo Pinstripes will deliver on the deep, clear, round tones and a playing lifespan longer than some other 2-ply drum heads. Taking the guesswork out, Remo brilliantly made this video…

YouTube video

Even on a Mapex kit (Map-ex we says), these sound as sweet as Jimbo’s sugar intake!  (Demoed by Mr Russ Miller.)

Constructed from two layers of 7-mil clear film, Pinstripes also include an overtone reducing agent between the plies, providing precise control over unwanted overtones while enhancing attack and projection.

The result? Balanced midrange tones with enhanced low-end response, perfect for achieving that classic 1970s studio sound still popular with many sound engineers and producers. Great for funky, phat drum sounds and tribal tom rhythms alike, these drum heads deliver consistent performance and exceptional sound quality – which you would expect from Remo!

What’s in The Box?

Depending on your set-up, here’s available options for the Remo Pinstripe +PS3 ProPack sets:

  • Fusion: 10/12/14 Remo Pinstripe clear + FREE 14″ Powerstroke 3 coated
  • Rock: 12/13/16 Remo Pinstripe clear + FREE 14″ Powerstroke 3 coated

Remo Pinstripe Clear drum heads are also incredibly easy to tune, making them the preferred choice for drummers seeking a quick drum sound. From the stage to the studio, these drum heads excel in pretty much any setting. We’ve seen many a cheap drum set transformed into a usable recording kit simply by the application of a set of Pinstripes on the toms. Original ACME Drum owner Brian (who had the original drum shop at 19 Cheapside) always used to tell us younguns back in the 80s;

“Get a set of Pinos on yer toms!”

He wasn’t wrong then – and he’s not wrong today!