Remo Encore Clear Pinstripe Drum Head Pack Fusion 20in


No need for Moongels or ‘O’ Rings, unless you really hate your drums!

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Remo Encore Clear Pinstripe Drum Head Pack Fusion 20″

The Remo Clear Pinstripe has gone so far North it is now painful to quote the price !

We have found a nice pack idea to get around this for our Remo Pinny fan club.

Tried & tested with the Mathew St venues here in Liverpool . These heads hold up

& play like their American Cousins.

The Encore line is made in Taiwan by Remo & is used for drum sets in the Asian market.

Whats the difference you may ask? The mylar looks and sounds the same however the hoop is thinner.

However , old Andy here decided to bring a load in to the Liverpool docks & here we have

some packs that will give that great sound but without having to ask is it ok if you sell Grandads medals!

Sizes are : 

20″ Bass

10″ Tom

12 ” Tom

14″ Floor Tom

14″ Coated Snare  – This is the Encore Ambassador

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