Remo Emperor Clear ‘Rock’ ProPack (+14in Emp Ctd)


When an Ambassador isn’t enough on your snare, choose an Emperor!

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Remo Emperor Clear ‘Rock’ ProPack + FREE 14″ Coated Emperor

In addition to the other Remo Emperor clear ‘Rock’ ProPack sets available elsewhere on our website, Remo have added their own twist to a favourite on their ProPack menu.

As normal, this Emperor clear ‘Rock’ ProPack set will come with the usual 3 clear Tom heads (12/13/16) and 1 FREE coated Snare Batter, but instead of the usual coated Ambassador, they are throwing in a 14″ coated Emperor for your snare drum. Sometimes a snare drum needs that extra bit of tone control that an Ambassador can’t provide without adding extra sound control measures. This is where a twin-ply head on your main workhorse can reap the benefits. It was good enough for John Bonham, after all…

What do Remo Emperor Clear Drum Heads Sound Like?

Perhaps the best way to know is by listening to the following video…

YouTube video

Expertly demonstrated by Russ Miller on his Mapex  kit…

Remo Emperor clear heads offer the following qualities:

    • Renowned for their durability and tone, constructed with two plies of 7-mil high-strength Dupont Mylar film.
    • Open tones, increased durability, maximum projection, clear and powerful sound.
    • Popular in Rock but especially favoured by pop, R&B, and gospel drummers.
    • Made using Remo’s free-floating bending technology allowing the two plies to resonate together, providing more tone and sustain.
    • Designed as batter-side heads suitable for snare, toms and bass drums.

Clear Emperors deliver exceptional performance even under demanding conditions, making them a reliable choice for drummers seeking clarity, durability, and projection in their sound.

What’s in The Box?

  • 1 x 12″ clear Remo Emperor drum head
  • 1 x 13″ clear Remo Emperor drum head
  • 1 x 16″ clear Remo Emperor drum head
  • 1 x FREE 14″ coated Remo Emperor drum head

In summary, Remo Emperor drum heads are probably the most popular head for rack-toms and floor-toms that we have ever sold in our many years trading. With the free 14″ Emperor coated head for your snare drum, this Remo ProPack is a match made in heaven. For Remo to offer this as one of their standard ProPacks, you can bet there’s a lot of people who would rather go Emperor than Ambassador.