Remo Bonham Custom Snare Drum Head Pack


Everyone needs a bit of Bonham.


Remo Bonham 14″ Custom Snare Drum Head Pack

A classic. And one that ADC Nick argues is obligatory for 402 owners! This combination of Vintage Emperor batter over Ambassador Hazy and Gibraltar 42 strand wires will turn your snare into a Classic Rock killer! Plenty of crack with a full-throated THUMP! Vintage Emperors are made from two 7.5 mil plies of Mylar add attack, roll back some of the top-end and make your tub sound a little boxier – that classic ’70s FAT snare drum sound. The Ambassador Hazy allows the drum to speak. The Gibraltar 14″ 42 Steel wires fill that punch with lots of thwack! Particularly if you’ve got a metal snare drum, and get your tuning right, Ocheltree-style, this custom head combo will make you very happy.

Sounds good, right?


  • 14″ Remo Coated Vintage Emperor
  • 14″ Remo Ambassador Hazy
  • 14″ Gibraltar 42 Strand Steel Wires

This head pack is not available in any other sizes, 14″ only.