Remo Ambassador ‘American Fusion’ ProPack Sets


‘American Fusion’ – it’s not an illusion….


Remo Ambassador American Fusion’ ProPack Sets (10/12/16 + FREE 14″ Snare Drum Head)

Bring your American Fusion drum set to life with the Remo Ambassador ProPack American Fusion set. Specifically tailored for American Fusion drum set configurations (10/12/16 toms), this comprehensive drum head package offers the perfect combination of warmth, resonance and versatility to complement your setup.

What’s in The Box?

  • 1 x 10″ Remo Ambassador drum head (coated or clear)
  • 1 x 12″ Remo Ambassador drum head (coated or clear)
  • 1 x 16″ Remo Ambassador drum head (coated or clear)
  • 1 x 14″ Remo Ambassador coated drum head

(A total of 4 drum heads.)

Choices, Choices…

These ProPacks come with a choice of coated or clear Ambassador heads. Here’s some quick pointers about both…

Remo Ambassador Coated

  • 1-ply 10-mil coated Mylar film
  • Warm, open tones, bright attack and controlled sustain
  • Industry standard for all drumming applications
  • Consistent performance and reliability
  • Mainly used for batter-side, but are often used as resonant heads on toms

There is a well respected industry opinion, if you want to know the true sound of a drum shell, fit it with a Remo Ambassador coated. These heads are all-revealing; if your drum shell is out of round, has uneven bearing edges or made of composite wood fibres, an Ambassador will expose every weakness in the shell.

However, if your drums are quality shells then an Ambassador coated will pull out every possible resonance and make the shell sing. We do not exaggerate when we say this. If you want to know your shell, fit it with a coated Ambassador.

Remo Ambassador Clear

  • 1-ply of 10-mil clear Mylar film
  • Open, bright, vibrant, lively resonant sound with plenty of attack
  • Balanced combination of responsiveness and durability
  • versatile playing experience with a wide range of dynamics
  • Very popular as resonant heads, but plenty of players use them on the batter side

What do They Sound Like?

Thanks to Remo, they’ve made it easy to hear what a well tuned drum set sounds like fitted with both Ambassador coated and clear drum heads…

Remo Ambassador Coated Demo

YouTube video

Coated = more ‘warmth’

Remo Ambassador Clear Demo

YouTube video

Clear = more ‘open’

Russ Miller on the tubs drums, which we reckon is one of those Mapex (or ‘Map-ex’ as we pronounce it here!) kits.

What Are Their Limitations?

Being single-ply and with only a 10-mil thin film, Remo Ambassadors are not the most durable heads on the Planet. If you are a heavy player, lay into your kit and use 2B sticks – stay away! As much as these heads will open up the sonic qualities of any well made shell, they will not last long under the hands of a shall we say, ‘passionate‘ young player…

On the other hand, if you understand Master Yoda’s concept of ‘accepting the rebound‘, then an Ambassador will serve you well.

The Icing on The Cake!

Buying a Remo ProPack is a great way to re-head your drums as there is always a discount built into the price instead of selecting single Remo Ambassador drum heads. Even better, these ProPack sets come with a free 14″ coated Ambassador for your snare drum. The experience fitting your kit with a set of world-class drum heads can make a huge difference to your performance, when you start responding to the sound coming back at you.

Investing in a set of Remo drum heads is investing with the drumming industry’s most trusted name in drum head design for over six decades. Yes, there are other drum head manufacturers who we love for other innovations but when you buy a Remo drum head, there’s always a part of you that feels like it’s coming home.