Remo 36in Coated Ambassador Bass Drum Head


Classic coated heads for Master Yoda


Remo 36″ Coated Ambassador Bass Drum Head

Remo Ambassador is an industry standard in the drum head world with its 10-mil 1-ply construction in either coated or clear options.

Since the time drummers were switching from Calfskin heads to plastic, the Remo Ambassador has been the No.1 Snare Drum batter choice for drummers Worldwide. If you want the most honest and unsullied response from your Snare Drum, a Remo Ambassador coated head will give you this from the off.

A Remo Ambassador coated drum head will deliver an open, bright, resonant sound with plenty of attack, controlled sustain and a little more warmth than its clear counterpart. Obviously not as durable as a 2-ply head, but with its frosted white surface, a coated Ambassador can be safely played by drummers with good technique. If you’re an alehouse basher, forget it, “these are not the heads you’re looking for.”

If you are seeking the truth out of any drum shell you own, Remo Ambassador coated drum heads will tell you everything you need to know – providing you understand how to tune drums. Not for the inexperienced drummer, but a drum head you will grow into when you’re ready to hear every tone your drums are hiding.