Remo 15in Clear Ambassador Drum Head


Classic clear heads – but do you bat or res..?


Remo 15″ Clear Ambassador Drum Head

Remo Ambassador is an industry standard in the drum head world with its 10-mil 1-ply construction in either coated or clear options.

A Remo Ambassador clear drum head will deliver an open, bright, resonant sound with plenty of attack. Obviously not as durable as a 2-ply clear head, so Remo recommend clear Ambassadors for mostly resonant side applications.

If you are seeking the brightest response out of a drum shell, Remo Ambassador clear drum heads will deliver in abundance, but be warned; unless you restrict a clear Ambassador head to a resonant side application, lifespan will be very short on the playing side. Having said that, it never stopped Jeff Porcaro or Vinnie Colaiuta playing them top-side, but their touch is nothing short of magical, so the rest of us can dream on…