Remo 14in Coated Diplomat Drum Head


Play real light, and you’ll just about get away with it!


Remo 14″ Coated Diplomat Drum Head

Remo Diplomat drum heads are thin, single-ply 7.5-mil drum heads mostly used as resonant-side heads. Due to their thinness, they are by far, Remo’s brightest, most open-sounding drum head delivering bright tones, resonance and maximum sustain.

The coated Diplomat version adds a little more durability and warmth to the overall tone, making them suitable for batter-side applications, but we stress, only in the lightest of playing scenarios. Think Jazz and Orchestral as the limited ball-park – not an ugly 3am covers gig in Mathew Street where you split your skin during ‘Sex On Fire’!


  • light-weight, single-ply
  • 7.5-mil thickness
  • Most suitable for Jazz & Orchestral use
  • Warm, resonant sound with maximum sustain
  • Fantastic as coated resonant

We have a very limited scope of customers who use Remo Diplomat coated heads as their playing side, but unless you’re playing within a real Jazz scenario we really don’t advise using them for general purpose batter use.