QT Drum Kit Silencer Fusion Practice Pads


A volume control for your tubs?


QT Drum Kit Silencer Fusion Pack (10/12/14/20/14)

We need to thump our tubs but I guess we gotta keep the neighbours happy, right? Well, fortunately, being a responsible drummer doesn’t cost the Earth. Nope, a set of the rubber silencer pads won’t set you back Roland ‘lekky kit money and they’ll certainly get the job done. They reduce the volume of your drums by ~ 80 %; surely they won’t be able to complain at that!

What they say: “Practice at lower noise” …guess it’s that simple!


  • 10″ QT Pad (for rack tom)
  • 12″ QT Pad (for rack tom)
  • 14″ QT Pad (for floor tom)
  • 20″ QT Pad (for kick)
  • 14″ QT Pad (for snare drum)
  • 2x QT Cymbal Pads
  • 2x QT Hi-Hat Cymbal Pads

Make sure you’re looking at the right sizes. Feel free to call/email us before you order if you’re not sure.