Protection Racket AAA Floor Tom Cases


“Floor it knuckles!”

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Protection Racket Floor Tom Cases

Life on the road is no picnic – and your gear needs the ultimate protection from the rough and tumble of the touring life. Enter the Protection Racket AAA Floor Tom Cases – the pinnacle of drum case engineering designed to shield your valuable floor toms from every bump, knock, and spill.

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Ain’t that a cute bunny, huh?

Crafted with the revolutionary Triple AAA (Access All Area – All Accidents Averted) design, these cases feature a robust polycarbonate frame with ‘Triple A-Plex’‘Rocket Foam’ technology. This advanced polymer construction offers unparalleled impact resistance, ensuring your floor tom remains safe and sound, no matter the journey.

With a design that’s soft on the outside yet hard on the inside (that the opposite physiology of an insect you know), these cases provide the perfect blend of protection and comfort. Plus, with Protection Racket’s renowned inner and outer drum case components, your floor tom is cocooned in the ultimate protection. Many a bedraggled drummer who visited our old Cheapside store having seen the luxurious interior of an AAA case, often lamented loudly how he wished he could curl up inside, zip the lid and stay there to escape the domestic ‘bliss’ awaiting at home.

Obviously we couldn’t accommodate such requests, but you can certainly give a floor tom a good place to lay its weary shell.

Identifying your cased drums in a line-up won’t be a problem, because all  AAA Floor Tom cases come with a 6″ x 4″ clear window pocket for you to slip a photo or a piece of paper scribbled with crayon identifying your property. With their ergonomic neoprene handles you will be ensured of a comfortable lifting experience in the hands. Not forgetting the inclusion of reinforced plastic piping edges which adds to the durability of the exterior.

Whether you’re gigging locally or touring the world, you can trust Protection Racket AAA Floor Tom cases to keep your floor tom safe and secure. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – protect your drum with AAA-rated excellence from Protection Racket.