Paiste Carl Palmer 20in Signature Duo Ride Cymbal


Carl’s new toy!

YouTube video

Carl likes to do everything in groups of 8…..minutes!


Paiste Carl Palmer 20″ Signature Duo Ride ‘Vir2osity’ Cymbal

Introducing the Paiste Carl Palmer 20″ Signature Duo Ride ‘Vir2osity’ cymbal, a true masterpiece born from the collaboration between Paiste and the legendary drummer Carl Palmer. Designed with Paiste’s unsurpassed attention to detail, this exceptional cymbal offers a captivating sound and a plethora of sonic possibilities across its surface.

Crafted to provide maximum versatility, the Carl Palmer Signature Duo Ride features distinct playing zones that deliver a remarkable range of sounds. The outer edge entices with its complexity and controlled tones, allowing you to explore a wide spectrum of expressive sounds. Moving towards the lathed area, you’ll discover a vibrant, lively sound that brims with clarity, adding a touch of brilliance to your playing. In the heart of this remarkable cymbal lies the central bell, separated to produce a resoundingly loud ping that cuts through any mix with absolute precision.

Every inch of the ‘Vir2osity’ cymbal showcases Paiste’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The surface boasts pronounced hammer marks, enhancing the tonal qualities and creating a rich, dynamic sound that is truly distinct. Its stunning appearance, imbued with character, makes it a stand-out addition to your drum kit, reflecting the artistry both in its design and in the way it resonates.

In collaboration with Carl Palmer, a true icon in the world of drumming, Paiste has combined decades of experience and expertise to bring you a cymbal that embodies his legendary style. Carl Palmer, known for his exceptional talent and ground-breaking contributions to progressive rock with bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. With the Carl Palmer Signature Duo Ride ‘Vir2osity’ cymbal, you can channel his legendary sound and unleash your own creative potential.

Experience the unmatched artistry and sonic versatility of the Paiste Carl Palmer 20″ Signature Duo Ride ‘Vir2osity’ cymbal and elevate your drumming to new heights with this exceptional instrument.

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