Paiste 24 Inch Floor Gong Stand


Helps you play a gong with your butt on the floor!

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Paiste 24 Inch Floor Gong Stand

Another important purchase for any gong is a stand. Luckily, Paiste have thought of this and made the choice of buying a stand for your gong very easy.

This Paiste 24 inch Floor gong stand is in the ‘C-shape’ design and allows the player or healer to sit and conjure sounds from the gong on the same physical level as the receivers of the gong-experience. It can suspend gongs up to 24 inches in diameter.

This floor stand is made from forged iron with a heavy weight which allows for its feet to occupy a small footprint. This stand will remain solid whilst taking up minimal space which makes it easier for the seated player to access and play the instrument.

Whatever your stand requirements are for your gong, Paiste gong stands cover the most popular options for supporting a gong instrument.