Paiste 2002 Extreme Crash Cymbals


So really are in a Metal band….

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Paiste 2002 Extreme Crash Cymbals

So you know about Paiste 2002 Crash cymbals and you really like their sound.

You want the Paiste 2002 sound, but you’re in a Metal band and you know you need cymbals which can compete with the extreme frequencies and sit well with the sometimes challenging palette of sounds detuned guitars and Cookie Monster vocals can offer!

In this case, the Paiste 2002 Extreme Crash cymbal range are definitely worth your consideration. You want to buy the correct tools for the job don’t you?

We could stuff this space with all kinds of fancy language about the cymbals but let’s face it, you’d rather see and hear them in action, right? You may have already visited the Paiste website to track down examples from their sound library and listened to them via a pair of headphones or IEMs.  Thankfully, we’ve saved you the trouble of trawling YouTube for examples and for your convenience, we present to you the following…

YouTube video

Here’s another video Paiste did for the launch of the 2002 Extreme series…

YouTube video

That’s the sound of them in the raw and obviously with music, they will show their true quality and ability to blend with the music they were designed to accompany. Speaking of which…

YouTube video

We reckon the overheads are a little low in this one, but you get the idea.

Paiste 2002 Extreme Crash Cymbals in Summary

  • Made from Paiste’s legendary CuSn8 Bronze (also known as ‘2002 Bronze’)
  • Designed for medium to very loud musical environments
  • Especially great for Metal players
  • Sound character: brilliant, clear, cutting, powerful
  • Consistent Paiste manufacturing replication – what you hear on the videos will be near identical to what you buy


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Do we have them ‘in store’ to try out? In the case of these cymbals, no. Please read our ‘About Us’ page for information regarding how we operate.