O’s Bass Drum Port Hole


“got any O’s?”

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O’s Bass Drum Port Hole System

Do you need to protect your hole? Well O’s bring their lovely shiny rings to eliminate the tearing of your precious Bass drum skin. This is the best system out there for protecting the hole in your Bass drum head (if you really insist on having one).


  • Tough plastic construction
  • Available in 4″ & 6″ sizes
  • Lots of groovy colours to choose from!
  • Fitting instructions included

If you visit our shop to buy, we’ll always fit your Bass drum port for free (remember to bring your skin in please!) but obviously, not everyone lives in Liverpool! So, if you fancy a bit of DIY, we can also supply you with a proper port hole cutter which takes away the kerfuffle of fiddling with a Splash cymbal & Stanley knife blade!

If you insist on ruining your resonant Bass drum skin with a port hole, then make sure you fit an O’s Bass drum port!