Le Blond 20″ x 14″ Bass Drum Case


You can’t beat a classic.

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Le BlonLe Blond 20″ x 14″ Bass Drum Case.

They’ve been around for ever! Hand made in England, Le Blond are still going and this family business don’t use fibre board any more, they’ve upgraded the shells to polypropylene. The leather buckles? Now heavy duty nylon webbing! Thankfully they’re still lightweight and still reasonably priced! Hard-shelled cases certainly offer more protection for your tubs than even the fanciest bags. HardCases are another great British product but they’re a heavier product with a higher price-point. Le Blond cases have helped so many of our lovely vintage drum kits survive the decades and make it to the shop in tip top condition. We’re so happy we’ve struck a deal with Le Blond again and can bring you their brilliant products.

This case is 20″ x 14″ deep and ideal for that Ludwig Downbeat your Da left you!

Buy British. Buy the best! Buy Le Blond.