Istanbul Traditional Jazz Ride Cymbals


Musical and omnipresent stick sound, dark, dynamic wash with all that Jaaaaazz…


Istanbul Traditional Jazz Ride Cymbals

Indulge in the musical brilliance of the Istanbul Traditional Jazz Ride cymbals, delivering the most expressive ‘ride’ patterns with a dark, dynamic wash and a sprinkle of trashy undertones. Beneath the clear stick sounds and musical wash, an occasional ‘crash’ emerges, both subtle and explosive – a testament to their versatility across various musical styles (not Rock/Metal so be warned!).

What do They Sound Like?

Originally conceived as a Ride cymbal for Jazz applications, the Istanbul Traditional Jazz Rides transcend genre boundaries, complementing almost any musical style with their timeless sound. Designed as a tribute to the rich history of Istanbul Agop cymbals, they delve into the roots of cymbal making, embodying a tradition where one cymbal could adapt to countless musical situations as popular music evolved throughout the 20th century.

20in Jazz Ride

YouTube video

This demo really shows every major sound from this cymbal. Thanks to the Wood & Weather YouTube channel for sharing this video (or is that Wood & Leather?)

22in Jazz Ride

YouTube video

Now we’re getting into the serious sizes for Ride cymbals…Thanks to The Drum Shop in Portland for posting this on their YouTube channel.

22in Jazz Medium Ride

If you want to go slightly heavier and subtly darker, a little bit of extra weight produces this…

YouTube video

The underlying wash on this one is begging to be crashed! Thanks to those Memphis Drum Shop dudes for showing this to the world on their YouTube channel.

If you like these and want a similar weight, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you with the weights available at our UK distributor.

About Istanbul Cymbals

While steeped in tradition, the Traditional Jazz series remains relevant for today’s music scene, whether it’s an acoustic trio or an electrified stage performance. Their adaptability and musicality make them a staple for drummers seeking Turkish authenticity and versatility in their sound. As part of Istanbul’s esteemed Traditional Series, these cymbals uphold a legacy of excellence that spans generations. From jazz pioneers to modern players, the classic concept of fully lathed cymbals has stood the test of time, providing a foundation for musical expression across diverse genres.

Continuing to push boundaries, Istanbul Traditional cymbals evolve to meet the needs of contemporary players, exploring new sonic territories while maintaining the dark, responsive, and controllable qualities that define their sound.

Founded by Mehmet Tamdeğer and Agop Tomurcuk, Istanbul cymbals epitomize the pinnacle of high-quality craftsmanship. Named after the city synonymous with fine cymbals, Istanbul continues to uphold its legacy as a beacon of excellence in the world of cymbal-making.

If you’re looking for a really special cymbal for jazz situations, the enduring legacy of Istanbul and their Traditional Jazz Ride cymbals will be a timeless companion to take on the next stage of your musical journey.