Istanbul Signature Mel Lewis 1982 Deluxe Cymbal Set


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Istanbul Signature Mel Lewis 1982 Deluxe Cymbal Pack

Mel Lewis was Istanbul’s first endorser. After his death in 1990, and with the blessing of his family, Mel’s chosen cymbals were flown back to the Agop factory and used as models for what would become his Signature Series. Every detail of every individual cymbal has been taken in with exacting care and replicated by the hands of their cymbalsmiths. These cymbals are Istanbul’s way of paying tribute to Mel’s legacy in the best way they know how.

The Mel Lewis 1982 Set contains the following goodies

  • 13” Istanbul Signature Mel Lewis 1982 Hi-Hats
  • 18” Istanbul Signature Mel Lewis 1982 Crash Ride
  • 20” Istanbul Signature Mel Lewis 1982 Ride
  • FREE BopWorks Signature Mel Lewis 7D Model Drum Sticks (subject to availability)
  • Ahead Armor SILO Deluxe Cymbal Rucksack

The hats feature a warm, washy sound. Clear stick definition and an airy chick. The crash ride sits well between the hats and ride with articulated stick definition and deep crash, provided by the flatter profile. The ride is full sounding with warm, lush wash and a woody stick definition.

A must for the old-school vintage enthusiasts, BopWorks drumsticks are replica designs of drumsticks from the days when Jazz & Swing music ruled, but made with modern manufacturing techniques. This means that although BopWorks drumsticks have a look of sticks from the yesteryear, their consistency and quality control come in at the same level of perfection that players demand in the 21st Century. Mel’s 7D is an exact recreation of his ’60s era stick. Standard ’60s style taper with full acorn tip. 15 1/8 ” long, .540 ” in diameter.

Ahead Armor cymbal bags incorporate Ahead’s exclusive DX-Core providing the stiffness of two layers of high-impact foam padding plus the softness of premium-grade Sherpa Fleece lining. This increases both the shock-absorption of the bags and the protection of the cymbals, all wrapped up in a virtually indestructible, weather-resistant, water-proof, double-stitched, 600-denier polyester fabric exterior. Basically, it’s as good as it gets.

We reckon these are the tastiest Turkish lids.