Istanbul Signature Joey Waronker 24in Ride Cymbal


Clear tip sound and a controlled ‘wash’

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Istanbul Signature Joey Waronker 24″ Ride Cymbal

When Istanbul created the Joey Waronker 24″ Ride cymbal, they did it under the direction of Waronker. Seeking a Ride with a clear and focused stick sound and the ability to be ‘crashed’, the Joey Waronker 24″ Signature Ride was born! It’s ‘crash’ sound will reward you with a glassy, focused attack and a balanced decay giving plenty of scope for controlling how you play it in a ‘crash/ride’ scenario.

As part of the Agop Signature Series, the Joey Waronker 24″ Signature Ride cymbal is designed to bless us with its sound in the recording studio and on stage. With a host of session credits behind him (Beck, REM, Roger Waters and more), Joey wanted a Ride with medium weight, light, but evenly hammered and finely lathed to produce the articulation he desired. Of course, Istanbul Cymbals were more than happy to accommodate his needs and here is what it sounds like…

YouTube video

There’s some serious clarity from the tip sound in this video and surprisingly little ‘wash’. Truly, an artisan Ride cymbal.