Istanbul Signature Cindy Blackman Mantra Cymbal Set


It doesn’t get much better than Mantras…


Istanbul Signature Cindy Blackman Mantra Cymbal Pack

Cindy Blackman plays a variety of music. Her Mantra cymbals give you higher volume, and greater attack, while still maintaining a musical balance of warm overtones – for the more modern end of the musical spectrum. Great for situations which require greater projection and cut where a rich, dark sound is desired.

Here at ADC we absolutely love these cymbals. This Mantra range is limited to one set of hats, one crash and a ride but damn do they all shine. Although the hats are big, they’re very playable and not overbearing – even subtle when needed. The crash is simply beautiful. And the ride has that much sought-after perfect balance between stick definition and wash. Woody touch, cutting bell and easily crashable but controllable. A brilliant collection of cymbals.

The Cindy Blackman Mantra Set contains the following goodies:

  • 15” Istanbul Signature Mantra Hi-Hats
  • 20” Istanbul Signature Mantra Crash
  • 22” Istanbul Signature Mantra Ride

The hats feature a dark, crisp sound though remaining versatile. Capable of greater volume, these hats are very open and natural sounding. Open, full and rich – the crash speaks with a contemporary Turkish voice and can project. The ride is musical, with brilliant stick definition and plenty of body. A clear, pronounced bell rounds off this cymbals complete sonic palette. These three cymbals really stand out as a cut above the rest. It is very hard to beat a set of Mantras when it comes almost every musical situation, in our estimation.

We reckon these are the tastiest Turkish lids.