Istanbul Signature Cindy Blackman Ltd. Ed. OM Cymbal Set


Why Agop?


Istanbul Signature Cindy Blackman Limited Edition OM Cymbal Pack

Cindy Blackman plays a variety of music. Her OM cymbals, tonally, give you the vibier end of the golden era of Jazz. Focused, metallic sticking with a dark, dry wash and a thunderous crash. Great for situations which require a traditional Turkish sound.

We have a great appreciation for Agop cymbals here at ADC. Their old school approach gives rise to a character unique to their limited and nuanced ranges. Simply put, they’re all pretty nice!

The Cindy Blackman OM Set contains the following goodies:

  • 15” Istanbul Signature OM Hi-Hats
  • 18” Istanbul Signature OM Crash
  • 24” Istanbul Signature Limited Edition OM Ride

The hats feature a low, dark sound with a sloshy, mellow wash but clear chick. Paper thin, explosive attack and quick decay – this crash sits perfectly between the hats and ride. The ride has a clear, slightly metallic, low stick sound due to the unique black finishing and intense hammering. It’s crash is DEEP, dry and trashy – a cadence complete when complimenting the other cymbals in this range.

Classic Turkish lids.