Istanbul Signature 24-Inch Cindy Blackman OM Ride Cymbal


Carlos Santana likes the sound of 24 inches riding into his ancient Toby jugs…

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Experience Craftsmanship and Quality with the Istanbul Signature 24-Inch Cindy Blackman OM Ride Cymbal

Presenting the Istanbul Signature 24-Inch Cindy Blackman OM Ride Cymbal, an exquisite instrument crafted for drummers who seek exceptional sound and performance. Developed in collaboration with the esteemed Cindy Blackman-Santana (old Carlos is defo punching above his weight!), this cymbal epitomises her distinctive style and musical prowess.

Never underestimate the power of a lady! Cindy knows exactly what she wants from a 24-inch Ride cymbal!

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A quick tickle by the House of Race reveals a cymbal full of Eastern promise…

Key Features:

  • Rich, Complex Sound: The Cindy Blackman OM Ride Cymbal delivers a deep, resonant tone with a clear, slightly metallic stick sound due to its unique black finishing and intense hammering. Its rich, complex sound palette makes it ideal for a variety of musical genres, from jazz to rock.
  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each cymbal is meticulously handcrafted in Turkey using time-honoured techniques, ensuring a unique character and superior quality.
  • Premium Material: Crafted from the finest B20 bronze alloy, this cymbal offers enhanced durability and a sophisticated sound. The precise blend of copper and tin provides optimal resonance and sustain.
  • Versatile Feel: The 24-inch size provides a balanced response with a full-bodied sound that is both powerful and nuanced. Its medium weight allows for dynamic playing, catering to both subtle nuances and more forceful strokes.
  • Distinctive Design: Featuring a dry, trashy crash sound and focused, metallic sticking with a dark, dry wash, this cymbal captures the vibier, more dynamic cymbal sounds from the golden era of Jazz. Its thunderous crash makes it a perfect choice for Jazz, Indie Rock, or any situation calling for the classic 60’s Turkish sound.
  • Elegant Appearance: With a natural finish, the Istanbul Signature Cindy Blackman OM Ride Cymbal is as visually striking as it is sonically impressive. Its refined aesthetic will complement any drum set, making it a notable addition to your collection.

Whether you are performing in the studio or on stage, the Istanbul Signature 24-Inch Cindy Blackman OM Ride Cymbal encourages you to go beyond the classic Tony Williams cymbal sound and into fresh territory.


  • Diameter: 24 inches
  • Weight: Medium
  • Alloy: B20 Bronze
  • Finish: Natural
  • Handcrafted in Turkey

Unleash Your Creativity (and bag it up)

Discover the Istanbul Signature 24-Inch Cindy Blackman OM Ride Cymbal and experience a perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and musical excellence. Once you own one, make sure you protect it with a suitable cymbal case/bag because you don’t want owt grim happening to this tasty plate.

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