Istanbul Custom Special Edition Fusion Ride Cymbal


Cymbalholics spoke, Istanbul listened!


Discover the Sound of the Istanbul Custom Special Edition Fusion Ride Cymbal

Rooted in a collaboration with the online Cymbalholic community over a decade ago, this 22-inch cymbal has been offered by Istanbul as an “off-menu” item, driven by increasing demand from players worldwide. Now, it’s available as an official model, enhanced with improvements to the bell size, shape, and weight for better projection and articulation.

Let’s hear it first, courtesy of some specialist tickling by those BR cymbal connoisseurs:

YouTube video

Brief, but satisfying – so let’s delve into some of the finer points…

Versatile Tonal Palette

Designed to capture the essence of two popular jazz cymbals, the Agop Signature and Mel Lewis series, the Fusion Ride Cymbal combines vintage-style lathing on top with light Agop Signature-style lathing on the bottom. This unique combination produces dark and complex overtones, complemented by a smoother high end and exceptional stick definition.

Controlled Sustain

Experience precise articulation and controlled sustain with the Fusion Ride Cymbal. Its balanced weight and profile ensure a perfect balance of warmth and clarity, ideal for intricate Ride patterns or driving rhythms. Improvements to the bell size and shape enhance projection and articulation, allowing your playing to cut through the mix with ease.

Dynamic Expression

Explore a range of dynamic expressions with the Fusion Ride Cymbal. Whether you’re expressing subtle nuances or delivering powerful accents, this cymbal offers consistent, expressive sound across various playing styles. Ideal for both stage performances and studio recordings, it adapts seamlessly to your musical expression.

Handcrafted Excellence

Crafted by skilled artisans in Turkey, each Fusion Ride Cymbal undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure exceptional performance. Its unique combination of vintage and modern features makes it an essential addition to any drummer’s cymbal palette, offering timeless style and unmatched performance.

In summary, the Istanbul Custom Special Edition Fusion Ride Cymbal:

  • offers drummers a versatile and expressive instrument
  • is rooted in collaboration and player demand
  • delivers a unique blend of vintage warmth and modern clarity
  • is made for drummers seeking distinctive sound and performance.

Looking For a Specific Weight?

Then simply get in touch with us and we’ll ask those canny lads at BR what weights they have in stock and what the options are for getting something more specific.

Want to dive deeper into the world of Istanbul cymbals? Check out their artist roster, product lines, and rich history on the Istanbul Cymbals website.