Istanbul Custom Special Edition Crash Cymbals


Luxury Crash, Investment in Sound – just don’t tell your other half you’ve been buying quality cymbals again!
Please Note: Although labeled “Jazz Crash Special Edition” on the cymbal itself, this model is also known as the “Special Edition Crash” by Istanbul Agop.


Unleash Controlled Power with Istanbul Custom Special Edition Crash Cymbals

Crafted from B20 bronze, the Istanbul Custom Special Edition Crash Cymbals offer a unique sound profile for drummers seeking a controlled yet explosive crash. These cymbals are part of the Istanbul Custom Series, known for its progressive designs and expansive sonic palette.


  • Dry, controlled attack: As described by Istanbul Agop, these cymbals deliver a focused crash with a short decay, perfect for accenting grooves and adding punch to your drumming.
  • Ideal for Jazz and Fusion: The deeper lathing and specific weight and profile make these B20 bronze crashes a great fit for drummers playing jazz, fusion, and other genres that require articulate and defined crashes.
  • Versatility beyond Jazz and Fusion: While Istanbul Agop emphasizes their Jazz and Fusion suitability, these “classic sounding cymbals” can also be used effectively in a wider range of musical styles.

Hear the Sound

The BR boyos have provided some video sound-demos to give you a quick insight into the sonic qualities of the cymbals:

16-inch Crash

YouTube video

18-inch Crash

YouTube video

In summary, the Istanbul Custom Special Edition Crash Cymbals are a great choice for drummers who want to add a controlled and powerful crash sound to their drumming, particularly drummers playing Jazz and Fusion.

The Istanbul Custom Special Edition Crash Cymbals come in a variety of weights which make subtle differences to the final sound of the cymbal. While we strive to maintain a selection of popular weights, availability can vary due to supplier stock. To find your perfect weight, or to inquire about a specific weight, please contact us and let us know your requirements.

For more information on the Istanbul Custom Series Cymbals, visit the official Istanbul Agop website: Istanbul Agop Cymbals