Istanbul Custom Special Edition T-Ride Cymbal


Istanbul Custom Special Edition T-Ride: Your versatile workhorse (Danny!)

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Discover the Unique Sound of the Istanbul Custom Special Edition T-Ride Cymbal

Versatile Tonal Palette

The  Istanbul Custom Special Edition T-Ride cymbal is a 22-inch diameter model with a distinctive sound that combines both dark and bright tonal qualities. This unique blend allows it to seamlessly fit into various musical styles, from the intricate rhythms of jazz and fusion to the powerful beats of rock (but not too heavy mind).

The T-Ride’s sound will sit comfortably in the mix of guitars and brass, offering a full-bodied foundation for your ride playing:

YouTube video

Don’t let the Jazz label tell the whole story. This cymbal offers much more than the limits of a name.

Controlled Sustain

Featuring a controlled decay, the T-Ride ensures precise rhythmic articulation without excessive ringing. Its quick yet musical sustain makes it perfect for both live performances and studio recordings, providing a clear, defined sound that stands out.

Dynamic Response

This ride cymbal is highly responsive to different playing techniques, offering a dynamic range that caters to both delicate, intricate patterns and powerful, driving rhythms. Whether you’re playing lightly or heavily, the T-Ride delivers consistent and expressive sound.

Handcrafted Excellence

Each T-Ride cymbal is handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that every piece has its own unique character while maintaining the high standards of quality associated with Istanbul cymbals. The traditional lathing and extensive hammering techniques used in its creation contribute to its complex overtones and nuanced sound.

Balanced Weight and Profile

The carefully balanced weight and profile of the T-Ride provide an ideal blend of stick definition and wash. This balance ensures that the cymbal can cut through in ensemble settings while offering a smooth, musical ride sound. If you’re looking for a specific weight, contact us and we’ll ask the BR boyos what’s available!

Prominent Bell

The bell of the T-Ride is both prominent and cutting, delivering clear, defined accents that are perfect for adding punch to your playing. This feature enhances its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of musical applications.

In summary, investing in a Istanbul Custom Special Edition T-Ride cymbal means you are getting:

  • a versatile and expressive ride cymbal
  • a rich, complex sound
  • controlled sustain and a dynamic response
  • a cymbal handcrafted with traditional techniques by artisans

Overall, it stands out as a high-quality choice for jazz and fusion drummers, ready to enhance your musical expression across various genres.

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