Istanbul Agop XIST Ride Cymbals


  • Lovely of old Turkish delight Ride cymbals at non-American prices
  • Soaked in the legacy of Turkish cymbal making
  • Rich, warm sound
  • Traditional lathing
  • Accessible price point
  • Definitely not to be described as ‘lids’


Istanbul Agop XIST Ride Cymbals

When it comes to cymbals, drummers worldwide seek the perfect balance between quality, tradition, and affordability. The Istanbul Agop XIST Ride Cymbals are a testament to this quest, marrying the age-old craftsmanship of Turkish cymbal makers with modern production techniques. Crafted from cast B20 bronze (comprising 80% copper and 20% tin), these cymbals offer professional-grade quality without breaking the bank, making them accessible to drummers at every level.

Istanbul XIST Ride cymbals are not just another generic series of cymbals; they are a modern interpretation of the traditional Turkish Rides. If you’re in pursuit of a definitive ping, a harmonious balance, and a musical spread that inspires, these cymbals have your back.

What sets the Istanbul Agop XIST Ride cymbals apart is their exceptional combination of elements. They provide a clear, focused attack, which is every drummer’s dream. However, they don’t stop there. These cymbals embrace a dark, warm sustain that carries you through your performance with elegance. The presence of moderate overtones adds depth and character to your sound, ensuring your ride-patterns resonate with a rich, full tone.

The best part? You’d expect such cymbals to come with a hefty price tag. However, the Istanbul Agop XIST Ride cymbal range challenges these expectations. They offer remarkable quality and sound that you’d usually associate with premium cymbals, all at a price that surprises and delights. These cymbals are not just a budget option; they are a fantastic value for money, a true steal.

But what makes these cymbals even more special is their connection to tradition. Istanbul Agop, a renowned name in the world of cymbals, has taken inspiration from the early Turkish cymbal makers, who are the very roots of the Zildjian cymbal company. It’s like owning a piece of history in your drum kit, a direct link to the craftsmanship and artistry that defined the birth of cymbals. This connection with tradition infuses the Istanbul Agop XIST Ride cymbals with a depth of character and authenticity that is hard to find elsewhere.

Demo Corner!

So what do they sound like? well lucky for you, those bracing chaps from the North East have supplied us with some tantalising video teasers…

20″ Ride

YouTube video

21″ Ride

YouTube video

22″ Ride

YouTube video

24″ Ride

YouTube video

Any of these take your fancy?

These cymbals are not just about sound; they are also about aesthetics. They are traditionally lathed, giving them a natural patina that adds a touch of elegance to your drum kit. It’s not just about how you sound; it’s about how you look and feel as a drummer. The Istanbul Agop XIST Ride cymbals add an element of visual appeal to your set-up that complements their exceptional sound quality.

When considering cymbals, it’s tempting to get lured by options mass-produced in America. However, Istanbul Agop invites you to explore the alternative – the XIST cymbal range. These cymbals are not just competitively priced; they also offer the traditional warm sound that discerning drummers seek.

Adding to the appeal is their availability, thanks to our reliable racy friends oop North! We know how important it is for drummers to have easy access to quality cymbals, and our Geordie boyos will ensure you can get your hands on these gems without any hassle!

So, if you’re in search of cymbals that resonate with history, tradition, and exceptional sound, look no further than the Istanbul Agop XIST Ride Cymbals. They are the perfect companions for your musical journey, offering a sound that’s both timeless and modern, all while respecting your budget. Don’t just play the drums; make music with the Istanbul Agop XIST Ride Cymbals.