Istanbul Agop Xist Hi-Hats


XIST Natural finish, Hi-Hats


Istanbul Agop Xist Hi-Hats

Play a pair of Istanbul Agop XIST Hi-Hats and you will discover the true embodiment of craftsmanship, heritage, and sonic brilliance. These hi-hats not only offer an exceptional musical experience but also carry a rich historical relevance that resonates with the very origins of the cymbal-making tradition.

The Legacy of Istanbul Agop XIST Hi-Hats

Istanbul Agop XIST Hi-Hats, with their distinctive natural matte finish, stand as a testament to the artistry and tradition of Turkish cymbal making. The first thing that captures your attention is their understated elegance. The matte finish not only exudes a sense of sophistication but also plays a pivotal role in shaping their distinctive sound.

Crafted to Perfection

Craftsmanship is at the heart of these hi-hats. The artisans at Istanbul Agop have carefully honed their skills over generations, preserving the legacy of Turkish cymbal makers. These hi-hats are a nod to that legacy, as they trace their roots back to the early Turkish cymbal makers who laid the foundation for the iconic Zildjian cymbal company. With the XIST Hi-Hats, you are not just acquiring a piece of musical equipment; you are possessing a piece of history.

Sonic Brilliance

The XIST Hi-Hats are renowned for their distinctive tonal qualities. The natural matte finish produces a darker tone, creating a rich, warm, and complex auditory experience. The depth and character of these hi-hats make them ideal for various musical genres. Whether you’re a jazz aficionado, a rock enthusiast, or a funk maestro, these hi-hats will serve you with their simple but captivating resonance.

Medium-Weight Mastery

These hi-hats have been designed to deliver a medium-weight cymbal experience. They strike the perfect balance between responsiveness and control. The medium weight ensures that you have the versatility to adapt your playing style without compromising on sound quality. The XIST Hi-Hats are responsive to the lightest touch and can handle dynamic playing, providing you with a versatile tool to express your musical creativity.

Historical Significance

The historical significance of these hi-hats adds a layer of intrigue and depth to their allure. As mentioned earlier, they are connected to the early Turkish cymbal makers, who were instrumental in shaping the cymbal-making tradition in Turkey. The knowledge and techniques passed down through the generations have now culminated in the Istanbul Agop cymbal line – including XIST Hi-Hats. So, when you play these hi-hats, you’re not just creating music; you’re becoming a part of an age-old legacy.

Versatility in Sound

One of the key features of the XIST Hi-Hats is their remarkable versatility. They are capable of producing a broad spectrum of sounds, making them a perfect choice for drummers who demand diversity in their playing. Whether you want crisp, defined articulation or a more subtle, nuanced tone, these hi-hats deliver on all fronts. The dark, rich undertones are complemented by a bright, shimmering edge, providing a dynamic range that adapts to your playing style. Just check out the following video clips for a taster…

14″ XIST

YouTube video

15″ XIST

YouTube video

(Thanks to the Memphis Drum Shop for providing their public demonstration videos on YouTube.)

What’s not to like about these? They tick so many boxes and we love the 15s.

Perfect for Every Setting

These hi-hats have the rare ability to seamlessly blend into any musical setting. They are equally at home in the intimate ambiance of a jazz club or on the grand stage of a rock concert. This adaptability is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that has gone into their creation. The XIST Hi-Hats have been designed to cater to the diverse needs of drummers and musicians, making them a valuable addition to your cymbal arsenal.

Durability and Reliability

While we don’t claim that these hi-hats are indestructible, they are crafted to withstand the rigours of professional drumming. The medium weight strikes a balance between sound quality and durability, ensuring they can withstand the challenges of regular use. Whether you’re performing on tour or recording in the studio, you can rely on the XIST Hi-Hats to deliver consistent, exceptional sound.

In a world where mass-produced, cookie-cutter cymbals have become the norm, Istanbul Agop stands as a beacon of authenticity. The XIST Hi-Hats are not just instruments; they’re a connection to the roots of an art form. They embody the history, skill, and passion that have made Istanbul Agop a revered name among drummers worldwide.

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