Istanbul Agop Signature China Cymbals


Welcome to the dark side…


Discover the Legacy of Turkish China with Istanbul Agop Signature China Cymbals

The Istanbul Agop Signature China Cymbals are a masterpiece of traditional cymbal-making, meticulously crafted to honour the legacy of the late Agop Tomurcuk, master cymbalsmith and founder of Istanbul Cymbals. These cymbals, part of Agop’s final project, encapsulate a lifetime’s worth of cymbal-making expertise and artistic vision.

Distinctive Sound

Each cymbal in the Signature series begins with meticulous hand shaping, followed by deep, comprehensive hammering. This intensive process results in a cymbal that is both visually striking and acoustically remarkable. The raw lathing leaves a distinct finish, ensuring that every cymbal possesses a unique character and sound. The Signature China Cymbals produce a dark, trashy tone with an explosive attack and quick decay. This combination delivers an atmospheric quality that is perfect for adding a touch of exotic flair to your drumming. The sound is reminiscent of Agop’s early years in the Turkish Zildjian ‘K’ factory, bringing a vintage quality to a modern setting.

Obviously you want to hear them – so now hear this!

22-inch China

YouTube video

Cavernous ear-smash…

20-inch China

YouTube video

The sound of a water-bomb….

18-inch China

YouTube video

Metallurgic splinters…

16-inch China

YouTube video

Like a gunshot from a small handgun in a concrete tunnel!

As always, feel free to play your China on both sides!

Historical Legacy

Agop’s final project reflects his deep understanding of cymbal alchemy. The Signature series is a testament to his early experiences and lifelong passion for cymbal making. The green logo, a nod to the first Istanbul cymbals introduced in 1981, adds a touch of historical significance, as green was Agop’s favourite colour.

Tailored Selection

If you are interested in selecting any of the Agop cymbals by weight, please send us an email or call us on 07366 139117 to discuss your preferred weights. Each cymbal is available in various diameters to cater to different musical needs and preferences.

A True Investment

The Istanbul Agop Signature China Cymbals are not just instruments; they are works of art. Investing in these cymbals means owning a piece of cymbal-making history, crafted by one of the most revered masters in the field. For drummers seeking a unique, dark, and atmospheric sound, this range offers an unparalleled experience.