Istanbul Agop Signature 17-Inch Crash Cymbal


Welcome to the dark side…

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Istanbul Agop Signature 17-Inch Crash Cymbal

The Istanbul Agop Signature 17-inch Crash Cymbal represents the pinnacle of cymbal-making craftsmanship, embodying the legacy of the late Agop Tomurcuk, master cymbalsmith and founder of Istanbul Cymbals. This cymbal is part of his final project, utilising a lifetime’s worth of cymbal-making expertise and innovation.

The 17-inch Crash is dry, dark, and paper thin, with a fundamentally low-pitched characteristic. These qualities give it a unique, trashy sound that is perfect for creating atmospheric music. But enough of the word-salad about the sound – here’s the real deal!

YouTube video

Thanks to the Boston Drum Center YouTube channel for sharing.

The raw lathing during the manufacturing process leaves each cymbal with a distinctive coloured finish and, as you would expect, a unique sound. This cymbal range is a testament to Agop’s early years in the Turkish Zildjian ‘K’ factory, making it ideal for those seeking dark, trashy, and atmospheric cymbal sounds.

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A unique feature of the Agop Signature range is the creator’s signature left on the surface. We remember the first Istanbul cymbals coming into Liverpool around 1981 with their green logo. History has turned full circle as Agop’s final signature cymbal range carries the same coloured stamp as the early Istanbul cymbals. And why is this? Simply because green was his favourite colour!