Istanbul 30th Anniversary Hi-Hat Cymbals


The big three-oh for our Turkish friends


Indulge in Your Dark Side with Istanbul’s 30th Anniversary Hi-Hat Cymbals

Celebrate three decades of Turkish cymbal craftsmanship with the Istanbul 30th Anniversary Hi-Hat Cymbals, a true expression of the most ancient form of Turkish cymbal making.

Crafted with precision and passion, each 30th Anniversary Hi-Hat Cymbal begins with its own uniquely hand-shaped bell, setting the stage for the creation of a sonic masterpiece. Intense, deep, and comprehensive hammering techniques are then applied, imbuing each cymbal with a distinctive character and tonal complexity. Finally, Istanbul’s proprietary pre-aging process adds the finishing touch, ensuring that these cymbals possess a unique and matured sound straight out of the box.

What do They Sound Like?

The Istanbul 30th Anniversary Hi-Hat Cymbals exhibit papery thinness, with a low pitched and quiet profile, resulting in a rapid decay and delivering a trashy yet controlled wash. Thanks to the BR boyos (and others), we have some brief snippets of these plates to get your jowls dripping like a wrinkly bloodhound.

12-inch Hi-Hats

YouTube video

They’re dry little buggers, don’tcha think? Very crispy and quick – like one of old Jimbo’s Friday night fry-ups.

14-inch Hi-Hats

YouTube video

14-inch Medium Hi-Hats

YouTube video

Thanks to the Wood & Weather Drum Shop YouTube channel for this public video.

15-inch Hi-Hats

Now they’re talking our language….

YouTube video

Thanks to The Drum Shop, Portland, Maine’s YouTube Channel for this one.

16-inch Hi-Hats

These are the cream of the crop…

YouTube video

Thanks again to The Drum Shop, Portland, Maine’s YouTube Channel for this one.

Weighty Decisions

Not a budget cymbal range (you don’t say!), these are a real investment in a drummer’s personal sound and arrive over here in a range of similar weights. You may have heard a pair which have their top and bottom cymbals within a particular weight parameter. If so, we can certainly try to match your requirements – just contact us with your preferences.

Available in a range of diameters, these specialist cymbals cater to players who demand precision and clarity in their sound.  If your regular gig is bish-bash-bosh in your local alehouse Rock band, then you best be moving on….nothing to see here folks.

However, if you’ve reached the point in your life where playing the pinnacle of Turkish cymbal making is your goal,  join the exclusive 30th Anniversary club and experience the unparalleled craftsmanship of Istanbul’s 30th Anniversary Hi-Hat Cymbals.