Gretsch Steve Ferrone Aluminium Snare Drum


If you don’t love a Ferrone backbeat, you seriously need therapy…


Gretsch Steve Ferrone Signature Snare Drum

The Gretsch Steve Ferrone Snare drum features a 6.5"x14" beaded, seamless Aluminium shell plated in a Satin Titanium finish. Developed in conjunction with the legend that is, Steve Ferrone, the Aluminium shell Steve has settled on produces a dry, focused sound with slightly muted overtones.

Anyone familiar with the recorded work of Steve Ferrone will be well acquainted with his, tight, crisp and powerful backbeat. You will already know his legendary work with the Average White Band and his long tenure in the seat for Tom Petty, but also worth checking out is the often overlooked work he did with the late Freddie King on 1974s ‘Burglar’ album, or the cuts he laid down for Duran Duran on the ‘Notorious’ album. Can you imagine how overjoyed John Taylor was to find himself working with such a highly esteemed groove-meister both in the studio and out on the road?

Here’s what Steve Ferrone asked Gretsch to deliver from his signature Snare drum:

  • ‘Stephen Ferrone’ signature series ‘Star’badge
  • Beaded seamless Aluminium shell
  • 30-degree bearing edge
  • Plated Aluminium/Satin Titanium finish
  • Fully adjustable side-pull Throw-Off with fixed butt plate
  • 10 Die-Cast Gretsch tube lugs
  • Chrome hardware
  • 2.3mm Triple-Flanged hoops
  • Remo Coated Ambassador batter & Ambassador resonant heads
  • 20 strand Snare wires

 With its thin shell and triple-flanged hoops, the Steve Ferrone Signature Snare drum will open up with a musicality suitable for any musical situation where, taste, groove, power, intricacy and a kick-in-the-butt backbeat is the order of the day.